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Lartech Telecom joined the Russian Association of Internet of Things


The company Lartech Telecom was among the first three companies to join the Russian Association of the Internet of things. Extract from the official press release:

On December 27, a meeting of the Board of the Association of the Internet of Things took place, at which the first applications for membership were considered. The new members of the Internet of Things Association became LLC Lartech Telecom, JSC Peter-Service, and LLC Tingeniks. Peter-Service, a developer of billing systems, has been operating on the Russian market for almost 25 years and is a leader in the telecommunications business solutions market. Tingeniks is a young company, which started its work in 2015 and specializes in solutions for the Internet of things. Lartech Telecom, have already claimed about themselves on the Internet market of things in several Russian regions.

About 25 organizations have announced their desire to join our Association. And it is very indicative that the first organizations that officially joined the AIV became one of the oldest Russian developer companies, a very young company, in fact a typical start-up IoT and the company already providing Internet services of things in the Russian regions.

The Internet of Things Association was established in November 2016. Its founders are the Internet Initiatives Development Foundation (FII) and the Moscow State Technical University (MSTU). N.E. Bauman. The Association unites interested organizations in promoting the Internet of the organization's things with the goals of sharing experience, developing recommendations on technologies, standards and protocols, introducing new business models and services, and developing optimal scenarios for the development of the industry in the form of road maps.