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The company «Lartech Telecom» has started testing LoRa-geoposition


As part of the development of its nationwide Internet of things, the company «Lartech Telecom» started testing the area using the capabilities of LoRaWAN technology. According to many industry experts, services related to the use of geolocation functions will occupy a dominant position in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), both from the financial point of view and the number of services offered to businesses / the population. LBS - abbreviated from English Location Base service is primarily associated with the ability to track cargo, transport, pets, locate older people and much more.

At the moment in St. Petersburg, Moscow and a number of other regions of the country, in anticipation of the launch of geolocation services in commercial operation, the specialists of «Lartech Telecom» conduct necessary preparatory work and tests. More detailed information on the new services of the company will be presented additionally in the following press releases.