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Lartech actively cooperates with state organizations and non-profit associations.

Association of the Internet of Things

  1. Created on the initiative of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund
  2. Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
  3. Develops models of things and technologies
  4. Conducts research
  5. Forms a policy of standardization of protocols and technologies


Technical Committee for Standardization of "Cyber-physical systems". Subcommittee 1 "Internet Things"

  1. GOST R "Internet of things"
  2. GOST R "Internet of things. Terms and Definitions"
  3. GOST R "Internet of things. Interoperability of "Internet of things" systems. Part 1. Structur")
  4. GOST R "Internet of things. Interoperability of "Internet of things" systems. Part X. Semantic Interoperability"

Advantages of cooperation

«Lartech» is a data transmission operator in the «Internet of Things» industry.System Integrators:

  1. Wide coverage area
  2. Low monthly fee (depending on the amount of data). Special rates
  3. Secure communication network (protection is better than in GSM network)
  4. Own service operation and a 24-hour network monitoring center

Advanced technology provides:

  1. Minimum device cost
  2. Minimal power of data transmission, long autonomous work
  3. Maximum transmission distance
  4. Possibility of triangulation by base stations

«Lartech» is a large team of highly qualified specialists from the telecom, IT, IoT. Company offers:

  1. Quick integration of LPWAN products
  2. Connecting client platforms and end systems to the network
  3. Technical support at all stages of product release