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The company provides B2B production of electronic components and modules. Customers have access to the widest network of world warehouses, including their own warehouse - one of the largest warehouses in Eastern Europe. The presence of a variety of warehouse, engineering, information and financial services allows you to fully meet the needs of electronics manufacturers.

Derbenevskaya Str., 1, h. 6
Phone: +7 (495) 995-09-01
E-mail: msk@compel.ru

Macro Group

Macro Group is a distributor of a large number of electronic components of Russian and foreign production. 5 regional divisions of the company with the head office in St. Petersburg provide supplies to leading representatives of various industries, in particular navigation, aerospace, telecommunications, aviation.

St. Petersburg
str. Sveaborgskaya, house 12, lit. A
Phone: +7 (800) 333-06-05
E-mail: sales@macrogroup.ru


The EFO was founded in 1991in St. Petersburg and has been supplying imported electronic components to Russia for 25 years. "EFO" is one of the largest Russian distributors and offers a wide range of electronic and electromechanical components, industrial automation systems, fiber optic components, enclosures, power supplies, power electronics components, wireless components, and RF components.

St. Petersburg
str. Novolitovskaya, house 15-A
Phone: +7 (812) 327-86-54
E-mail: zav@efo.ru