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"Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant PI Plandin"

Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant was formed on the order of the Minister of Aviation Industry of the USSR No. 176 dated May 6, 1957. The first production was released on May 22, 1957, this date is considered the plant's foundation day. JSC Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant. PI Plandina "is one of the leading enterprises of the country's defense-industrial complex. A factory with a world-wide reputation, producing devices for the aviation, missile, space industries, as well as a wide range of civilian products. For more than half a century of history, the company has accumulated vast experience in the design and manufacture of gyroscopic instruments, control systems, onboard electronic computers, steering gears, control and test systems, as well as flow and medical equipment.

str. 50 years of the VLKSM, 8A
Phone: +7 (831-47) 7-91-33
E-mail: apz@oaoapz.com


Limited Liability Company The production and commercial company "BETAR" is one of the largest Russian producers of water and gas meters, components for water supply systems. Today, "BETAR" produces more than 40 products. The main products are various modifications of water meters, from apartment to industrial, with diameters of a conditional pass from 15 to 50 mm. More than 55 million items were produced. The company has developed unique water meters with antimagnetic protection, remote pick-up, and instruments of the highest metrological class. S. PKF "BETAR" Ltd. has developed a universal means of collecting and transmitting data from energy meters - an automatic system for the integrated accounting of energy consumption (ASKUPE).

str. Engels, 129
Phone: 8 800 500-45-45
E-mail: sale@betar.ru


The enterprise produces a wide range of electric energy meters - from simple single-phase households to three-phase industrial ones, capable of not only measuring, but also transmitting their results in real-time to the consumer. LLC NPK Incotex is part of a large electronic holding company INKOTEKS, which produces a huge range of electronic products, including cash registers, POS, printers, electronic scales, electricity meters and automated systems for monitoring and accounting of energy resources (ASKUE), Based on PLC technology, full-color and monochrome plasma and LED screens and displays, "running line" displays, etc.

16th Parkovaya Str. 26
Phone: +7 (495) 468-74-34
E-mail: sale@incotex.ru

"Concern Energomera"

Rapidly developing diversified industrial holding. Concern "Energomera" is 7 high-tech factories in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and China, two institutes - electrotechnical instrument making and electronic materials, as well as 5 agricultural enterprises in the Stavropol Territory, united in 2016 in LLC Agroholding Energomera. The company is the founder of a new direction in the domestic instrument making industry - the production of electronic electricity meters, having carried out for sixteen years the production of 6 generations of electronic metering devices, and to this day remains the leader in the industry. Annually more than 3 000 000 counters come off the conveyers of Energomera plants. Every third electronic electricity meter operated on the territory of Russia carries the trade mark "Energomera".

str. Lenina, 415
Phone: 8 800 200-75-27
E-mail: concern@energomera.ru


QUNDIS was founded in 2009 as a result of the merger of two enterprises - KUNDO and QVEDIS, which was previously part of SIEMENS. For more than 30 years, QUNDIS GmbH has pioneered the development of individual meters and systems for remote reading of indications. All QUNDIS solutions allow you to accurately measure and analyze energy consumption in multi-apartment buildings. QUNDIS accounting devices are based on a modular principle that provides flexibility in the organization of AMR systems. All systems have an open protocol, which allows management companies to independently read out indications and make settlements without paying a fee to expensive billing companies. This approach also ensures the protection of the personal data of the owners of premises in accordance with Russian law.

str. Bolshaya Tulskaya, 10, building 2
Phone: +7 (495) 737-72-10
E-mail: info@qundis.ru