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Power meter CE308

Power meter CE308

Three phase electricity meter

In the electric meters, radio modules with our software have been introduced. The built-in radio module LoRa allows you to send data to the user's personal cabinet, remotely control the device: change tariffs and meter settings.

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The meter is used as a subscriber accounting device for the construction of remote collection and transmission systems, control systems in multi-apartment and private houses, utilities and utilities.

Competitive advantage

The main feature of the meter is the built-in relay, which allows you to remotely control the load: limit consumption or completely disconnect the consumer.

Functional capabilities

  1. Multirate metering of electricity (with three levels of tariffing - for events, external and time tariffing)
  2. Keeping a retrospective (with two types of fixing the current values of energy stores: at the end of the accounting periods (day, month, year) and when a certain event occurs)
  3. Measurement of network parameters: frequency of voltage, phase currents, phase voltages, phase-to-phase (linear) voltages (with non-standardized accuracy), angles between current and phase voltage
  4. Measurement of the power factor in phases and three-phase, active, reactive, full power in phases and in total, and much more