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LoRaWAN Device Development Kit

LoRaWAN Device Development Kit


A fully functional debugging kit for developing, debugging and prototyping wireless devices with LoRa technology.

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The kit allows you to study the LoRaWAN protocol, develop devices and debug software in integrated development environments (IDEs), including IAR, Keil, GCC-based IDE.


  1. Compliance with the LoRaWAN specification
  2. Contains radio modules and a STMicroelectronics board based on ARM Cortex M0 +
  3. Compatible with Arduino
  4. Quick start, AT-command support
  5. Analysis of data and network parameters in the service
  6. Easy connection to a computer or host device

Developer Kit includes:

  1. Radiomodule LRTX-868-PCB-CAAT
  2. Radio module LRTX-868-UFL-CSAT
  3. P-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 card
  4. USB-UART Bridge
  5. USB mini cable
  6. Micro USB cable
  7. Plastic case