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Heat meter Q heat

Heat meter Q heat

with LoRaWAN RF module

Heat meter is the perfect system components for measuring and recording heat consumption in systems where heat is generated centrally.

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Heat meter is designed to measure the heat consumption in the building. Add-on battery powered RF module transmits data (energy, flow, temperature, archive) to Smart metering system.


  1. Add-on LoRaWAN RF module Class A
  2. RF power 25mW
  3. Frequency range 860-1020 MHz
  4. RF sensitivity up to -137dBm
  5. Data encryption AES128
  6. Dynamic measuring principle
  7. 6-year lithium battery
  8. MID approval
  9. High device protection level (IP65)
  10. 8-digit LCD display
  11. Fast measuring cycle of six seconds
  12. Starting flow 3 l/h
  13. Dynamic range 1:50
  14. Precision class 3