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Water meter SVK-15-3-2

Water meter SVK-15-3-2

with LoRaWAN RF module

Water meter reliably measures the consumption, identifies leaks and transmits data in LoRa network.

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Water meter is designed to measure the consumption of hot and cold water in the building. Integrated battery powered RF module counts consumption and detects leaks and tampering. All data from water meter are transmitted to Smart metering system.


  1. Add-on LoRaWAN RF module Class A
  2. RF power 25mW
  3. Frequency range 860-1020 MHz
  4. RF sensitivity up to -137dBm
  5. Range up to 15km
  6. Data encryption AES128
  7. Memory: hourly archive 92 days and monthly archive 3 years
  8. Leak detection
  9. Tampering detection
  10. Li-SOCL2 battery, 7 year at two transmission per day
  11. Housing IP65
  12. Nominal flow rate 1,5 m3/h
  13. Metrological Class R40 (vertical), R80 (horizontal)
  14. Length without connectors 80mm, 110mm
  15. Housing material - brass