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Security Systems Market

We carry out a full range of works on the introduction of security systems on sites of any purpose and scale


One of the directions of «Lartech» work is the security systems market. Based on LPWAN technology, the company offers solutions such as security systems for households, car alarms, as well as various sensors for fire and security alarm systems. Being the operator of a nationwide Internet of things, «Lartech» offers not only the ultimate devices, but also provides access to the cloud software platform, provides network coverage, guarantees its customers technical support.

Opportunities and benefits

  1. High resistance to interference when attempting to break
  2. Main / Backup channel for data transmission as an alternative to mobile network
  3. Reducing the operating cost of monitoring the facility
  4. Cost-effective LBS for a security system based on the LPWAN network
  5. Absence of risks of unauthorized use of communication and subsequent shock accounts
  6. Reducing the risks of closing the 2G mobile network operator's network
  7. High penetrating power of the network
  8. Low power consumption allows you to create key fobs with a long life

The uniqueness of LoRa modulation, especially important for the security market, is the high sensitivity of the receiver (down to -148 dBm) and the data transmission provided that the carrier signal is substantially lower than the «noise» level.

Application area

  1. Car Alarms
  2. Tracking devices
  3. Security systems of buildings and structures
  4. Protection of terminals, ATMs, mailboxes, commercial equipment

Targeted clients

  1. Security companies
  2. State structures
  3. Regional equipment manufacturers
  4. Commercial companies