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A new look at the usual lighting

Innovative technologies will allow people to take a fresh look at the functions of light


The company «Lartech» offers solutions for street and indoor lighting. Using LPWAN technology opens up opportunities in building high-performance systems, «smart lighting» with the possibility of remote control and monitoring of the state of work. Cloud Internet network platform of things «Lartech» provides a reliable control of the work equipment, makes it possible to quickly identify faults and failures «Lartech» offers a solution for remote control of street lighting, which allows to provide the required level of illumination where it is necessary and when necessary, due to operational control, to control both the separate lantern and the whole group, switch on / off, dim, mode, and the mode schedules for specific sites, to receive detailed information on the entire lighting system on the current state of lamps, the level of energy consumption, the changes taking place in the network and emergency situations.

Technological advantages

  1. Stable communication is provided
  2. Open, free from the licensing frequency range. Open source software, open protocol LPWAN
  3. Two-way encrypted communication channel. Encryption keys (AES128 for the device, EUI64 for the network and EUI64 for the application)
  4. Support for more than 1 million devices in one network, one base station can serve up to 10,000 end nodes in the coverage area. A star topology without the use of repeaters makes it easy to expand the network
  5. LoRa equipment provides ultra fast transition from sleep mode and back, consumption in the mode of data reception from 9.7 mA, in the transmission mode up to 20 mA and in sleep mode only 200 nA
  6. Low cost solution

Opportunities and benefits

  1. Improving the energy efficiency of lighting systems
  2. Remote control capability
  3. Reducing the operating cost of monitoring
  4. Real-Time Monitoring
  5. Identify an unauthorized connection
  6. Ability to detect excess losses
  7. Automatic notification of faults, equipment failures
  8. Aggregation of data and analytics on the operation of equipment

Targeted clients

  1. Electric Grid Companies
  2. State structures
  3. Commercial companies