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Agriculture Needs Internet of Things

Information technologies will increase the efficiency of agricultural production and reduce the cost of production


Optimize the processes for your farm, livestock and farm machinery thanks to a modern approach based on your unique needs.

The solution for agriculture from Lartech allows farmers to benefit from the use of IoT.

Agriculture, like any industry, needs modern solutions. They contribute to improving the efficiency and quality of products, while reducing production costs, conserving natural resources, taking care of the environment.


  1. Remote monitoring of temperature and humidity of air and soil of the field
  2. Fertilizer and irrigation planning system
  3. Accumulation of statistics for the optimal choice of crops
  4. Short-term weather forecasts
  5. Remote monitoring of agricultural facilities (state of stored products, data collection and management of ventilation, heating, air conditioning)
  6. Tracking the location of animals
  7. Monitoring of agricultural machinery (fuel consumption, location, planning of agricultural operations)


  1. Reducing production costs (fuels and lubricants, energy resources, water resources, fertilizers)
  2. Improving the quality of products
  3. Decrease in cost price
  4. Increase in shelf life of products
  5. Automation of technological processes
  6. Enhancement of the environmental situation

Advantages of «Lartech» solutions for agriculture

  1. Low maintenance cost
  2. Large data transmission radius
  3. Long battery life (no need to power in the field)
  4. Easy system scalability
  5. Availability of accurate information in real time
  6. Integration with any customer system via public API
  7. Simple installation