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Strategic concept for the development of urban space

Sharing of information and communication technologies and decisions of the Internet of things (IoT) for urban infrastructure management

Smart City

One of the directions of «Lartech» work is the Smart City system market.

Smart parking. Key Benefits

  1. Parking space monitoring (free or busy) in real time
  2. Reduced time to search for a parking space
  3. Monitoring of free places in real time
  4. Reducing the level of pollution caused by a long search for cars parking space
  5. Accelerating traffic

Recycling. Key Benefits

  1. The location and monitoring of garbage containers in real time
  2. Unloading of fully filled containers only
  3. Optimizing the operation of garbage trucks, compiling a route only to fully filled containers
  4. Reducing costs while improving the quality of services provided to the population

Street lighting. Key Benefits

  1. When motion is detected, the LoRa sensor optimizes the lighting level accordingly
  2. Optimizing power consumption
  3. Monitoring the status of all street lights in real time
  4. Easy installation

Home automation. Key Benefits

  1. Monitoring of microclimate systems
  2. Temperature, humidity, air quality, smoke detector, detectors for opening doors and windows
  3. Monitoring and saving energy consumption
  4. Management of surveillance and security systems
  5. Smart lighting and heating
  6. No need to install a local hub or base station

Transport tracking. Key Benefits

  1. The LoRa sensor monitors the state of the vehicle and transfers the data to the user application
  2. Remote blocking of the vehicle in case of theft
  3. Vehicle location in real time
  4. Easy installation