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Things have own internet

"Lartech" company offers turnkey solutions for a wide variety of industries where long-distance data transmission is required, high autonomy, ease of installation and quick payback of implementation

"Lartech" company

"Lartech" is an operator in the market for data transmission services in the Internet of Things industry.

The basis for the provision of data transmission services is a network of base stations formed by Lartech LLC in all regions of Russia.

Areas of activity include: software development, system integration, automation of technological and business processes of an enterprise, IT consulting.

Our goal is to provide high-quality service for the transfer of information anywhere in the Russian Federation.

The company's products are most in demand in industries such as energy, utilities, construction, agriculture, transport, retail, etc. Lartech, together with partners, has developed and launched many different products on the market.

Today, the company is actively developing its geography of presence, is constantly expanding its network coverage, and is establishing active cooperation with manufacturers, integrators, and service organizations.

How does the Internet of things work?

Metering devices transmit information to our base stations

Further, all information is transmitted in encrypted form through the server infrastructure of LPWAN

Data enters the user's information system, where it is stored and displayed in a convenient form

Why is it profitable for you?

Metering devices

  • Wireless connection
  • Low power consumption of the radio module
  • Minimum operating costs

Base stations

  • Signal transmission range - up to 15 km
  • Wide coverage area
  • Stable intra-network communication


  • Automatic data collection from metering devices
  • Secure connection
  • Easily add new devices to the network
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